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Need help choosin a bike

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Hey guys i just sold my ktm 85 and im in the market for a 250f. My friend who is a mechanic for streetbikes ( and had his fare share with dirtbikes too) told me that the only way to go is Honda ie: the crf250r. I like the bike but im realllly liking the ktm250sxf. THats the first problem i have. The second is that i dont know the differences between the 2005.5 ktm250sxf and teh 2006 ktm250sxf. Im searously looking into getting this 2005.5 ( http://www.thumpertalk.com/classifieds/showproduct.php?product=14508&sort=1&cat=fav&page=1 )


I heard that the susp. is different. I kno that

2006- orange rear shock- black front forks

2005- white rear shock- ? dunno bout the forks

but in the picture that 05 has a white rear shock and black forks. Is that right?

What were the major differences between the 05 and 06? By the way, dont forget to convince me on the crf VS sxf :thumbsup:

I know i need a lot of help, but any info is greatly appreciated!

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Wait a minute. You will find lots of reasoning for the KTM if you use the search on either sight.

I had a 05.5 and then purchased the 06. The ONLY differance is the decal on the air box. The 06 has a leak jet from the factory if assembled after Feb 06.

Thats it.

Here are some other reasons in my embedded thred


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