Any have problems with Fastway Pegs?

I went to install some new Fastway Pegs on my 2006 YZ450F and found out that since Yamaha went to the Aluminum frame and put the pegs on a bracket that mounts to the frame the pegs. hit one of the bolts and the pin won't slide through them. Anyone else have this problem? Any ideas besides countersinking the bracket and bolts. Thanks

And I mean by mounting them in the Low-boy position. Thanks

My pegs went on pretty easy in the low boy position. The peg is only moving between the 2 flanges on the bracket, shouldn't interfere with the bolts!??

i put my old pegs off of my 01 yz250 on my 06 yz450 and they went on pretty smooth, little tight, but they move fine and don't hit anything. and they are huge pegs, even wider than the fastway pegs.

The Fastway pegs in lowboy position hit the lower peg mount holding bolt. Must run them in the standard position. Same way on the 250F and Alum frame YZ250 :thumbsup:

we ended up "shaving" the adj bolt down some.For us they would fit but the bolt kept them from sitting level,after grinding the bolt down about half way they worked fine.We may have taken a little off the peg mounting bracket as well,I cant seem to remember! Getting old sucks! :thumbsup:

When I was considering Fastway I contacted them and asked them what the first hand scoop was on mounting them in the lowboy position.

Best way: They sell a kit (for like $10) that has you first remove the bottom bolt from the footpeg mount, countersink the bolt hole on the footpeg mount and then you use one of their special countersink bolts (provided) instead of the stock bolt. Now the fastway peg will mount in the lowboy position and you still retain the "adjuster" that enables you to alter the angle of the fastway peg (some like them level, most like them slightly UP so they push your knees together naturally.

Alternate way: Remove the leveling "adjuster" mechanism from the fastway peg. Now in lowboy the peg will sit up against the stock bolt. They say it works, but of course you lose the ability to adjust the level of the footpegs (which is one of their selling features). I have heard some comment that it tears up the stock bolt when mounted this way.

Again, I did not buy them. This is just what the direct feedback was from Fastway.


i did mine the alternate way and the bolt gave way and almost broke my ankle

soo i would not recomend u do it that way altough i weight 270 pounds i still would not trust it i ordered there bolt kit was a pain in the ass but worth it in the long run after u have fastways and like them theres no turning back :thumbsup:

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