Yoshimura RS-3SS complete system is LOUD

Hi! I've just mounted a new Yoshimura complete RS-3 Stainless steel system to my bike. When I started it I couldn't believe how loud it was. This is impossible to ride with. Does anyone have the same pipe and know if there is any accessories to make it less noisy? I rated it to around 120db 1meter away from the bike around 6-8000rpm. It idles around 100db.

WoW that is loud, im not sure for that model but others have optional silent tips and mabye spark arrestors will help to quiet it down a little also.

I ran the RS3 system for a while on my 426 ....it IS loud...but it also makes VERY good power....much better than the (quieter) acra' that I settled on....you pays your money ...ya gets your performance

PS the RS3 is very well made ...sold it to a buddy and he's still using it now...no problems

I had a Leovince X3 titanium silencer on my previous wr426. Too bad I sold it bolted on. I thought the Yoshimura would be equvialent to it, but it´s not. Its very loud compared. Now I´ve ordered the TEC-KIT from thumpertalk store. Hope it quietes it down.

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