Cant start 87 XR 600

What is the trick with this bike? I had an 85 CR500 and even after a top end rebuild and no decomp lever I could still get it started but no, not with this bike. I cannot kick or pop start this bike. I've tried the second gear rock and lean and piss. It has a decomp lever I use and release on the downkick but no luck. Any tips?

As a recent convert from two strokes i can tell you it won't matter how big and strong your are or how hard you can kick.I've started every thing from 100 in. Harleys with bad carbs to 495 KTMs. You must use the drill as follows.1 Turn on the gas.2.If you haven't started it in a while lean it to the right about 45 degrees for 5 or 10 seconds, it floods the carb a bit.3 Lift the choke lever all the way up.4 Pull in the de-comp lever kick it through 4 or 5 times 5.Push it through with the kickstarter till you come up on compression use the de-compression lever to take it just past top dead center 6. Give it a nice firm kick with no throttle,all the through and it should fire.I know when I bought mine the guy kicked it twice fired up ran great.I got it home kicked untill I was ready to throw up nothing but an occasional pop. Came up on this site and found these tips and it starts one or two kicks hot or cold

Of couse all this assumes that there is nothing mechanically wrong with the bike to keep it from starting. Was it starting before you got it?

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