Do I switch from KTM300 to YZ 450?

For the past 4 years I've riding a KTM 300EXC.I use it at the track as well as the desert and an occasional mountain ride.About 90% of the time I ride the local MX tracks and the 300 is a decent track bike but because of the wide ratio transmission it lacks punch and I never feel like I'm in the right gear anymore. I'm looking at a full time MX bike.The YZ450 reviews sound good to me because of the easy to use power and plush suspension.The low center of gravity makes it sound even more appealing.I don't expect to use it offroad very often so I can make do with the bike out of it's element for the 10% or less that I'm not at the track.Hard starting and expensive repairs make it sound far less appealing than a new 2 stroke but so far the YZ450 seems to be a very reliable bike.Has anyone made the switch from a 300?

Didn't go from a 300, but from a 525exc. I too prefer MX and the KTM just wasn't cutting it on the track. I off-road the YZ too with a GYTR full bash plate, front disc guard(acerbis) and hand guards(Cycra stealth DX). The YZ feels so much lighter on the track and it's much easier to power slide than the KTM(I think maybe the heavier flywheel was making it difficult to control in corners?). A YZ250 2stroke would no doubt be better than the 300 too if you want to stay on the smokers.

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