Wanted: Stock Rims

for a 2006 yz450f dirtbike. I need a front and rear stock wheelsets for my bike. anyone selling? i dont know if other years or makes models will work but watever will work im looking to buy. thanks

Do u still need them?

I'm looking for a hub for a 2003-2006 YZ450F if anyone has one laying around. Possibly the whole wheel if the price is right. Thanks

bumblebee: Do you want the whole wheel? Like hub, spokes, and rim. Or do u just want the rims and spokes? Or just rims or what?

yz fire guy: How much do you want to spend for the hubs?

i have a stock set of rims brand new off a 06 450, never used and a set of black rims with red hubs laced up for sale

Tappedout: I don't want to spend to much I have a good silver 18 inch Excel rim that I want to lace up to a hub and use it for my primary rear race wheel and have the stock wheel as a back up. I've never boughten one before so I'm not sure how much to spend, what to buy or look for (I know Talon are good ((but also expensive)) I've heard of RAD but not much feed bacl on them. I would like something to work on my 06 450 and my dad's 03 450 if possible. Hope that helps, if it doesn't pm me and I'll get back to ya. Thanks


Steve614: How much do ya want for the set of the black ones? What type of wheels are they i.e: Hub and rim brand, use, condidtion? Thanks

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