air filter oil

I just recieved an uni filter along with some jets and am ready to mod my carb but I forgot to order filter oil,Is there any oil that can be used as a substitute?any ill effects from running the filter dry(no oil)?I"ll have the oil in a few days but can't wait to try the bike after the jetting and filter mods.

What type of filter oil are you going to use? Alcohol-based or petroleum-based? I'll bet you could use a light oiling of some type of vegetable oil if you absolutely can't wait for foam specific air-filter oil... :thumbsup: Heck, even motor oil will work also. Just clean it out really well when you're done. Like they say, necessity is the mother of invention...

If you're just going to start & run the motor while the bike is stationary I wouldn't sweat it. I definitely wouldn't risk scoring the cylinder just to ride a bike with a dry foam filter. I would wait

Why not put/leave the stock paper element in temporarily?

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