HOT!!! rads

OK guys, I had a real good race last weekend, but I am having one big issue. I rode pretty well for a c class guy, but when I did crash or stall I had a HELLUVA time getting restarted. I can usually pull the HS and get started in two or three kicks, but Sunday I went down and it took me THIRTY minutes to get my bike restarted!!!

I don't know if I'm jetted too lean or what. My thighs were ROASTING from the heat coming from my radiators, but the coolant overflow tank is about the same as it was at the start of the race so I don;t think I was boiling over much if at all.

Any ideas???

I've thought of 2 options to help with stalling/bogging

1. Power now

2. Boyesen QS AP cover

and one for the heat

Boyesen water pump cover and impeller

Bad thing is , all my research seems to indicate that Boyesen doesn'n't make the AP cover OR the WP cover for the WR 400

Advice / expertise welcomed and thanks in advance :thumbsup::ride:


boyesen says that QS AP fits "all" khien carbs, but doesn't list WR400 fit.


I believe the APC-01 fits 1st (400F) and 2nd generation (426F) Keihin FCR carbs. However you need be careful with things like fuel adjustment screws because these are different...

Nobody's using any of these mods???

come on guys! I know someone has some experience with these things!!

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