Any Idea if this is a xr650r or l?


Looks like it's watercooled. That should make it a 650R

Thanks-- you guys rock...

I know the mystery has been solved. I noticed that this bike has a tail light and a brake light mounted above it. I believe the "R" back light burns steady there for needing a Brake light.

Is that correct?


PS where do you get those rear turn signal? :thumbsup:

It's a home made dual sport kit. Can get the lights from Ebay, Baja Designs, dealers, etc etc

jmytyk - Did you buy it? I looked at it earlier in the week, but he e-mailed me today and said that he sold it. Wish I could have unloaded my Goldwing.... I would have bought it.


yep. jmytyk got it. i was there watchin hom try to pull wheelies on the 'test ride'


sorry jon

Cool - nice bike..!

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