YamaKaze or anyone else w/odometer removed.


I saw that you removed your odometer, I pulled mine off also. But so far cannot find a satisfactory cap to cover the threaded housing into geardrive. Right now I've capped it with a Permatex cap.(Hey the blue matches!) Have you found anything that works well?


I used a vacuum cap, you can get one at your local auto parts store. They are cheap and work very well.


I switched to a YZ spacer, and replaced the seal with the YZ seal. It is the cleanest way to go if you don't plan on running an Odometer.

If you do plan on switching back and forth - for $12-13 Zip-Ty has a nice plug, complete with o-ring seals.

i just found anything in the garage that worked. i cut some garden hose and then bunged the end of that instead!


I went ahead and purchased the YZ spacer at the recommendation of Bill. The spacer looks just like the one between the fork and the wheel on the left side and takes about 10 seconds to install. This would be a good time to check the lubrication of your front wheel bearings as well.

If memory recalls the spacer was about $10.

Good luck....

Bonzai :)

I opted for less unsprung weight and replaced the odo drive hub with the YZ spacer and seal. As per the Kamakaze. All of the suggestions above are viable options.

Bill :)

Once again,

Thank's ALL

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