Missed shift 1-2

I have a '04 yz450 with the 4 speed.I seem to miss the 1-2 shift :thumbsup: far more than would seem rider error.Never on a down shift ,always up.Always use the clutch.Anyone else have this problem?Clutch adjustment?Help.

just start in 2nd and get rid of first!

i dunno my friend and i both have this bike and never had this problem..

maybe lower your gear selector lever one tooth so it is lower and easier to kick up into 2nd? i lowered mine and it feels much more comfortable to me!

Check the shift lever itself for play, just a little looseness in the lever makes it hard to get from 1st to 2nd without hitting neutral.The aluminum lever will loosen over time by itself. This happened to me during my last race, about 40% of my shifts between 1st and 2nd ended up in neutral, after the race checked the lever and sure enough it was loose.

would you just need to replace the shift lever? mine does the same thing

Lower your shift lever so its makes quick firm contact with your boot..Maybe its up too high....I lowered mine..It helps ..

I was having the same problem until I lowered the shift lever to a lower position.

Now it hardly happens!!


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