the brake-snake

Bended my brake-pedal last week when it got stuck behind a stick-like thing in the ground. Bended it back after my ride and when home I googled some in search for solutions. I came over a brake-snake.

I can see the advantage of a brake snake when it comes to bending your brake-pedal. But what about the 'snake' hanging from your brake-pedal to your frame. This looks like it will catch behind stuff.

Is it better to install a brake snake (for enduro) or is it just moving the problem from the brake-pedal to the 'snake'.

The brake snake only really helps to keep grass and twigs from getting lodged between the pedal and frame.

Really :s... I was told it was to prevent te brake-pedal from bending back...

I have always thought the Brake Snake was to prevent Sage Brush from jamming your brake pedal down when you are chasing rabbits in the desert. LOL. It prevents unwanted crap from getting stuck between the pedal and the frame.


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