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Progress report: Riding today

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So I went riding today with my dad and his friend. (Dad has a YZ250, friend has a CRF250X, I have a KX125).

We decided to go trail riding instead of to the MX track today. (We ended up going both trail riding and to the MX track). We rode Stoddard wells out to Slash X cafe. I progressed alot since I started (been riding for just about a year now). I was keeping up with the CRF250X and the YZ250 and on a long sandy whoop section I passed my dad (YZ250). I rode my dad's YZ250 better than I ever have before.

Then we decided to go to the track. I can move the bike in the air finally! I cleared almost everything there except for the long double (But I did get farther than ever). So all and all it was a good experience. I am deffinately ready for a 250f though. I am just starting to ride the 125 to it's limits. I ride it like I do my TTR now, 5th gear pinned most of the way (maybe 4th in a technical section.) BTW it is over 100 degrees outside, so after 5 hours of riding, we went in my ice cold swimming pool for about 30 min. So how was your day? Go riding at all?

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