left hand side radiator side ripped off

Whilst out on the week end i decided to go on a wild track with the men :applause: whilst leeding the team i took a sharp left :applause: then sharp right :applause: . I dodged the tree and then the bolder :thumbsup: but then could not avoid the sette theat some scum bag left up the mountain :applause: .By doing this i ripped the dide of my radiator :ride: . Dose anybody know where i can get a brand new one or reccommend a place where i can get it fixed ? (prefferbaly in the uk ) wr426 01 mdel

steve s_mblock@hotmail.com

Please enlighten us Yanks....exactly what is this sette theat you hit? :thumbsup:

spelt sittee.....Its a sofa ....a three seater chair .....a large lump of rubbish some c#nt dumped in the country side :thumbsup:

I have only just registered with thumper talk and the information i have found out in such a short space of time is great :ride: . Thanks very much for telling the us what a sette is :thumbsup: and thanks for the info :applause:

It is truly amazing what you can find online eh Blocky, or should we call you the knight in shining armour :thumbsup:

whos this then ?

whos this then ?

Check out my sig :thumbsup:

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