I need some info on gloves that keep my fingertips warm, but are not bulky. Or am I just dreaming?

Somebody posted the other day about wearing neopreme(sp) diving/water ski gloves. That makes sense. Don't know how longevity would be.


Fox Polar Paws are extremely comfortable with good dexterity. Use them for dirt and snow riding.

I bought some MSR gloves with neoprene tops to the fingers and knuckles. I cant remember the 'model' name but it was somthing obviously 'cold' rated : Polar, Subzero.. that kind of thing. If I remember the name I'll post it.

My fingers go white & numb at the drop of a hat usually, but these gloves are FANTASTIC. I rode in near freezing conditions for almost 3 hours last weekend and my hands never got close to cold.

They are not bulky at all. I think I paid about 25 dollars in Bobs in Minn.

I heard some people put in heatable plates under the grips. Saw some in Bobs for about 40$ but I think you will need to fiddle with the electrical system a tad to hook them up.

Fox makes a nice pair they call Fox Polarpaw $36.00 at Chaparral.

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