Quickshot and MPG

I finally got around to putting the Quickshot I got as a gift. It seems to work well, but on the first ride with it, I really miss judged my range. I went fron about 35mpg to 25mpg. I figure OK, I was up in the mtns, a lot of starting and stopping, a little showing off, ok I burned a lot of gas. I ran out and had to "barrow" some from an XR. The next tank was ridden on the street, and I still ran out at 26mpg. The bike is running great. Is this normal mpg with the quickshot or do I have some set wrong that Im not noticing? If this is normal, Im not too sure what little boost this gives is worth it.

John in Vegas

I don't see why a Quick Shot would make a significant change in fuel milage. I didn't notice any change when I put mine on.

I guess I have been a little lax in the PM dept. I took the bike apart to do some work and clean it and found some stuff. First my air filter was a mess(mostly street use, let it go too long), it was filthy, plus I think I sprayed too filter oil on it. Im going to give it a ride now and see what the MPG is.

John in Vegas

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