2005 Wr450f Stock Exhaust Mod Help

Hey guys, I'm looking for some help... I have a 05 WR450 and am trying to get more out of the stock exhaust. I have already installed the PMB insert but looking for more. My understanding is that you can remove the "baffles inside the can. How hard is this to do? Loud is really not an issue in my area and I'm just looking for that throaty sound with giddy up for cheap :thumbsup: !.

start by just removing the first baffle and try that, more power and only slightly more noise, if you want it to sound more like a YZ then remove both internal baffles....

Is the first baffle the one you are looking at after taking off the endcap, about 6 allen heads, then the insert and spark arrestor, 4 allen heads, then removing the two rivets on the end of the can? and if so how hard is it to get it out?


the baffle is further inside, after removing all the allen bolts and tip, arrester you will see a plate with two sleeves going through it to let sound through, that is welded into the inside outter edge of your muffler, you have to cut or grind the four weld tabs out, it's a little messy but doable.

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