Quick Carb Questions

small vise crimp or a pair of those teeny channel lock pliers. Grab the cap of the screw, turn til it (((pops))) and then it will come right out.

Hey Gents, just an update for you all.

I just checked with my local Yamaha dealer about replacing those screws with the allen bolts found on top of the carb. I think they fit the float bowl too. (I better double check that).

Anyway, the little bolts are 97 cents each, so I ordered six of them. Then the guy wanted a 10% deposit on my order. I laughed, asked if he was serious. He laughed uncomfortably and said no need for a deposit.

Now lets see if he ordered the right bolts.

Thanks for all your input.

Now lets see if he ordered the right bolts.

Good luck there! The past 2 out of 3 times I've ordered from my local dealership they've screwed up the order. First time, shame on them. Second time, shame on me! I don't trust those snot nosed brats-for-employees at the parts counter anymore. :thumbsup:

I keep in my tool box a small Snap On plier, The teeth are really sharp and grip screw heads as better than the intended tool.

They are about 4" long w/ 3/4 inch jaws

I of course have had the same experience (and over the years) with those little Phillips head screws. I just had the exact same problem as I wanted to check the floats as I was replacing jets. I couldn't believe that this happened to me (100 miles on bike).

I took out a small drill and drilled a hole in the offender then used a little special reverse bit drill bit (sold everywhere) and but put my little drill in reverse causing the screw to immediately come out. This process was the only one that would work. My little needle nose vice grips just kept slipping off.

I put in a new screw and am kicking myself for not going with Allen heads.


Wow, great info guys.

So when you guys refer to "Antiseize" compound, you are not talking about Locktite?

Although Locktite makes antiseize, they arent the same.

John in Vegas

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