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Scratched Valve Cover

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I was removing the valve cover to check the valves on my '06 RMZ-450 and as I was pulling the valve cover off, I nicked/scratched the inside surface of the valve cover on one of the bolts on the camshaft :ride: . The scratch is approximately 1/2 inch long and no more than 1/32 inch wide. It appears as if the magnesium cover has a coating as the scratch is much brighter than the inside surface of the cover. I cleaned all of the visible flakes from the cover and bolt head, checked the valves (all within spec), tightened the cam chain, and reassembled. However, I would like to hear your opinions on if I should:

1) Bite the bullet and replace the valve cover and sleep easier at night.

2) Go for a ride and pull the cover and inspect the scratch to see if it is corroding, getting worse, etc.

3) Other ideas :thumbsup: ?

My concern is that magnesium is highly corrosive and the scratch is right above the one of the exhaust valves.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions/comments.


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