throttle stop... kinda

hey , i ordered the throttle stop i found in a search a while back, but it doesn't fit my 98. i think it's to a newer one. can anyone tell me the part # for a 1998 wr or yz throttle stop?


Why get the part ? Just grind down what you have.

Do a search here for the correct length.


The throttle stop runs ~$800.00!

You must buy the carb for 98/99 to get the throttle stop. I contacted SUDCO about ordering one. It is not available.

I made my own after cutting mine too short. I can tell you exactly what you need, if you want.


yeah, kev, that would be great.

the whole carb????? :D:)


there's a hole where the stop would thread thru, but the whole is empty on my bike, and the stop i ordered would probably work, but there is no room for the head of teh bolt (idle adjustment is in the way, not leaving enuff room for the head) the way i see it is i need a screw the right size to go in there, and a nut in the middle of the screw. that way the screw can be put in from the front side (upper side) of the hole, and the nut be on top of the mount instead of behind it.

let me know what you got.


PS: finally cut the grey wire... started first kick...usually takes 3-4 when cold....i think it sounds better (revs a little more freely), but couldn't test it yet cuz my backyard is like a swamp right now and my neighbors would call the cops if i tried to take it up the street to try it. have a race sunday, though (H/S). guess it will be a learning experience! :D

I saw a pretty neat idea for one the other day. A guy at the track had a 99 that the shop he purchased his bike from took the TS off the bike when they delivered it then lost it. He used a very small allen head bolt so he could adjust it until it was perfect. Once adjusted he used Red thread locker on it and he says it has never moved.

If I ever run across him again I'll take a digital photo for the archives. It looked like it belonged there.

Bonzai :)

kev, you gonna hit me with that setup, or what ???


PS i got the other one if anyone needs one. (to a 2000+ i think)

will sell cheap

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