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DR 350 Forks

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I have a 94 DR 350. I've seen people swap in a set of RMX forks. Are the RM forks compatable? What years should I look for. Thanks.


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Your best bet would be to IM a poster Im guessing. Do a search for motard here as Ive seen a couple guys with the mod.

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The DR uses 32005 top bearing (25mm/47mm) and a 32006 bottom bearing (30mm/55mm).

You need to find some forks that use the same or simular bearings. That will get you close, but you might have to make a spacer to make the stem the right length.

I have a set of KX500 forks on my DR... I used a KLX250/300 triple clamp, they use the right bearings but the stem is slightly longer - I used an 8mm thick spacer to make it fit. The ones I used are 43mm Kayaba's.

You can also use '01-'03 RM250 forks/triple clamp with a 32906 top bearing and the stock DR bottom bearing. No idea on length.

I have a whole list of bikes that use the right bearings, but this is a start.

If I get the chance, I'll look it up.

The KX500 front end from any year will work.

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This is for the DR 250/350 which uses 32005 top (25/47) and 32006 bottom (30/55) bearings. The other bearing mentioned is a 32906 (30/47).

OK, here is a list of some stuff that might work...

First Group - same bearings as DR, no idea on stem length -

'91 KX125 K43U

'94-'96 KLX250 K43U

'97-'04 KLX300 K43U

'91 KX250 K43U

'91-'04 KX500 K43U,K46U

'90 RM250 K41U

Second Group - use DR bottom bearing, 32906 top bearing , no idea on length -

'93-'94,'98-'05 CR125R S43U,K43U,K46U

'92-'94,'97-'05 CR250R S43U,S47U

'04-'04 CRF250R,X

'02-'05 CRF450R

'93-'04 RM125 S45U/S49C/S49U/S47U

'93-'04 RM250 S45U/S49C/K46U/S47U

'93-'98 RMX250 S45U/S46C

CR250R 95-96 K43U/K46U

Third Group - use CR top bearing, DR bottom bearing, no idea on length -

CR125R 90-92 26/47 30/52 S45U/S43U

CR250R 90-91 26/47 30/52 S45U

CR500R 90-91 26/47 30/52 S45U

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