too much gas????

I have a '98 400 I just bought that ran great. It's been around 105 degrees here in Dallas, TX for a while, so I haven't ridden for about a month. I started my bike about two weeks ago and ran it around the neighborhood, then parked it in my shed. It ran great. I pulled it out two nights ago to start it up. It started just fine, but if I gave it any throttle at all, it died. It starts easily with the choke on, and idles great when it's warmed up. But touching the throttle with or without the choke out makes it bog down and die. The hot start isn't stuck open, and the air filter looks pretty clean. It was HOT in my shed (120+ degrees), and now I have it parked in my garage. Like I said before, it ran great when I parked it, and it was only sitting for 2 weeks. Plus, it idles perfectly. HELP!!!!!! :thumbsup::ride:

I just thought of something...could the extreme heat have dried out my air filter? Maybe I just need to re-clean it and oil it again.

Is there anything else that someone has experienced?? :thumbsup:

It could have dried out the fuel in the Carburetor float bowl. Leaving residue in the float bowl and in the small jets. A good carb cleaning and filter cleaning may be in order.

I'll try that too while I'm in there. Thanks for the advice.

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