Cracked gas tank

Is there any quick fixes for a cracked gas tank? Its about an inch long and right under the seat at the bottom of the tank.

JB weld, or a lord fuser type of plastic weld should hold. Or bring it to someone with a plastic welder.

i tryed all kinds of stuff welding ,epoxy and so on you just need a new tank to risky to have gas running down over the exhaust.

Thanks for the help. Looks like a new tank for me. Should I go ahead and get the desert tank or stay with the stocker?

Anybody? Is the extra weight of gas noticable?

Most oversize tanks carry the gas lower, so if you don't fill the oversize tank any more than the std tank it should feel better, lower center of gravity. some of the oversize tanks do change the seat at the frt of the tank so it is steeper .Mike

I have the IMS tank on mine. I don't notice any real difference but I may just not be good enough on the track to notice. Like Mike said most of the extra gas is carried down low.

Bad thing about the tank is I have to completely remove it to get to the spark plug or work on the carb. Also my Unabiker guards where supposed to fit with the IMS tank ... but they didn't.

i have the clarke big tank the only problem is it harder to get up on the front of seat for cornering

Unless you do desert, or other longer types of riding, stick with the stock tank. Generally cheaper, easier to move on the bike, and it looks much better. Either way though, never take a chance with a split gas tank. Eventually it will fail no matter what you do to it, and then it could be really bad!

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