maxxis 6001 tires

So have the Thumper Talk Tire Gods used this tire yet. Looks alot like the M-12 I wounder how well it works. i would love your input on the maxxis 6001. Thanks

i used the intermediate tyre. i can't remember the code now, just that it was the middle one. it wore really well. but these bikes desperately need a good front tyre and you should save money on the rear to blow it on the front!

front grip in the soft stuff wasn't as good as the Mich s12/m12's i've used since.


I had one on my practice rim. It wore well and works well in everything except sand. It is a directional tire but when the leading edge was worn I swapped it around. It worked just as well that way. Maybe I'm just not good enough to tell it was turned around!! I liked it and the prie is right.


Originally posted by yzernie:

I liked it and the prie is right.

I meant the price is right. I'll put on a Maxxis on the rear anytime and Taffy is correct, don't skimp on a good front tire.


cool guys thanks. i have a new dunlop 756 on the front where i ride it is the best. Or so say my buddies.

I could not pass up a $43 deal on the c6001 530/18 .The tire is a little narrower than a 110/100 756 I normally use. I also found it to have very stiff sidewalls making it a real pain to mount :)

The tire has tall wide spaced knobs, and worked pretty well in a wide range of conditions. It seems that the edges rounded faster than the 756's,and it is not prone to chunking.Most of my riding was in dry hardpack with fair amount of loose rocks. Overall good tire, I wish it did'nt have a directional pattern, for consistant handling after swapping around. I also run a little lower pressure due to the stiffer sidewalls.

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