Z-start auto Clutch Rekluse update.

What a piece of junk!!!!!!!!! :ride: It lasted less then a year in race conditions. 1200 miles. I know there are riders out there that like it for trail riding and I have said, 'it works for that" so before the few of you flame on me that use it for that, I want to say for racing it sucks!!!!!!!!! :thumbsup::applause: Two bikes the CRF250 (bored) and 680cc XR650r with cam have had nothing but, trouble. The XR650R Finlay busted off the tabs of the clutch basket. I talked to Al Youngworth many times and he seems like a very nice guy. I called within the 30 day to return it but, he talked me into keeping it and he would send my a newer model to try that disengages the pressure plate like a real clutch. He didn't and I called many times. I never got a newer better nothing. In the end I had a clutch basket get destroyed and it is defiantly caused by the Rekluse clutch. It applies the pressure mostly at the top of the basket and not evenly over all the disks. I am not happy with the out come and think that I was right in trying to return this clutch for what I was going to apply if for. So, in the end, if you are going to race your bike or put it through it full potential Don't use this Clutch!

Bruce, I used the Rekluse in my XR650 on trails for over a year with no problem. I have found the reason to be I rarely ride in a gear too high and the motor revs are up enough in 1st and 2nd gear to keep the clutch fully engaged. On tight single track it is rare to see 3rd gear on this bike. The auto-clutch will work flawlessly in these conditions for years.


I found that when I ride in open desert hitting speeds of up to 80mph and cruising at 40 to 50 miles per hour for long distances in 5th gear that the engine rpm is not high enough to keep the clutch fully engaged. Eventually it starts slipping and if you do a lot of this kind of riding you will go through clutches like crazy . If you ride in a lower gear to keep the rpm up you lose fuel economy which on a long desert ride just doesn't cut it. So I guess what I am saying Bruce is I agree. If you use the Rekluse for high speed riding and don't keep your rpm up the Rekluse is useless.

At least that is my 2 cents. Since I have started using my XR650R almost exclusively in the desert I have gone through 2 sets of clutch disks in a year. This is not good. As soon as I go through my next set of disks I am pulling the Rekluse out of my XR650 and buying the Revloc which does not have this problem. The Revloc locks up the clutch disks more firmly at a lower rpm so low clutch life is not an issue. It does cost over twice as much as the Rekluse.

As soon as I go through my next set of disks I am pulling the Rekluse out of my XR650 and buying the Revloc which does not have this problem. The Revloc locks up the clutch disks more firmly so low clutch life is not an issue.

Don't count on it.

IMHO-All the auto-crutches are worthless.

Buy your clutch-plates in bulk if you get one. Especially if you are a big guy riding a bike with tons of torque.

Well, I am sure I have lugged the bike at times but, not in higher gears. I do keep the rev's up and am usually all on or all off "balls to the wall" rider. I do not think I should have to completely change my riding style to make an after market piece of junk work while racing. The shock from coming out of orbit and going to WOT is what ripped this clutch basket apart. Would never happen with a stock clutch setup....never. I am not going to baby the bike coming off a four foot drop off into a wash because the clutch can't handle it. It was nothing but trouble to drop two in the heat of the moment and this time the clutch (Z-start) is fully responsible for the destruction. It applies almost all the pressure on the disk just below the pressure plate. I was in the air off the side of a hill mid~upper third got about 4+ feet of air from the bottom of the tires and landed 54 feet from take off, on landing I grabbed the throttle to lock (WOT) and the z-clutch applied all the pressure to the first plate and that plate took out all the posts off the clutch basket. Yes, I agree if you are not going to uses all the bikes power in every and anything coming at you this clutch will work but, anything close to either extreme (lugging or racing) forget this junk and move on. Al Youngworth has a good idea on the clutch I never got and I would have loved to have had it but, I was forgotten and I got tired of calling trying to make it happen. He didn't keep his word and I was dropped. If it would have come about and worked it would have been good advertizing but.............. :thumbsup:


Bruce, it sounds like your riding style would never discover the problem I have with the rekluse. You don't wear the clutch disks out you just rip the baskets apart. You are a real animal. :ride::applause::thumbsup:

I've been down this road many times. The Revloc works perfectly; even under race conditions... you won't be dissapointed.

I've been down this road many times. The Revloc works perfectly; even under race conditions... you won't be dissapointed.

Yeah, I kinda knew that when I purchased the Rekluse but wanted to save money and at the time I rode the XR650R 90% on tight trails in the mountains. The Rekluse can handle that kind of riding forever.

The Revloc is a whole different animal and that's why it cost so much. A lot of machine work in the clutch basket and the parts are significantly beefier.

There is one problem that most racers do not like about auto-clutches. That is the manual clutch over ride is not actually a true over ride. The manual clutch is dependent on the rpm when you are using it on the fly. So you have to wait for a brief moment before you can shift when your in the upper rpm range. Hardcore racers cannot tolerate the momentary wait. I don't believe any of the auto-clutches have a true manual clutch over ride. The rumor is that Rekluse is working on one and I imagine Revloc is too.

Very, Very true......if you could have the best of both worlds, I would put it on all my bikes! Just think you wouldn't stall it in the tight stuff, down shift on comand, and I could ride like I had a working left hand! :thumbsup:

Do you think it could be a 650 problem? I have a couple of friends that use them on their KTM 450 and 525 with no problem. Their speed and ability is expert to pro level desert.

Yes, this clutch stinks on the DRZ400E also. Pastrona used it for a while and had nothing but, trouble shifting. DRZ and XR650R do not have a tranny that was designed to handle clutchless shifts well. The CR, CRF, KTM are also in the rpm's almost always, very few times will I find myself anywhere near 3000rpm or below on these higher strung bikes so, wearing the clutch disks or scorching them isn't as much of an issue. One other major issue I have with the Rekluse is the throw-out bearing! This was way toasted on mine and caused much play in the pressure plate. Not designed to handle the bike just made to work with what they made. They have a good Idea and made it work without infringing on other patents not engineered something to withstand the full power of our bike. I am mostly unhappy because I was led along so I wouldn't return the thing inside the 30 days of the money back guarantee. I believed he was making a tricked out auto clutch and I was going to get to test it. I called, wanted to used it in three different Baja races but, in the end it all turned out to be a snow job.

Just to give insight to the throw out bearing, I did have a clutch perch adjuster - thing. So, yes, I would try to use it to slip the clutch at times and hammer it when I needed it to down shift now, in a hurry, hoping it would help release the clutch sooner. It does help but, at break neck speeds sometimes you want the clutch to disengage now!

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