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confused about registration in maine

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i wanted to register my xr400 for the road. I have the kit for street legality but how can i register it without a title? Anyone from here done it? Thanks guys I really appreciate it.

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I spoke to a lady at DMV headquarters and she told me I need receipts for the D/S kit, a bill of sale and a title application (and my NY transferable registration). She said DMV will send someone to inspect the bike a few weeks later, but maybe you can just get it inspected at an state inspection station :thumbsup: .

I'll let you know how it goes in a few weeks.

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What year is the bike and are you the original owner. If you can get the MSO it's very easy to get the title and extremely easy to get it registered. I did this with my 6 year old 2000 DRZ400e.

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You'll have a few more hoops to jump threw than I did but it still will be easier than in most states. Check with the Bureau of Motor Vehicles someone there should be able to help.

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Hey Guys,

My first post here. Been wondering the same thing about dual sporting my WR also. I wrote the secretary of states office and got this reply.

------ Original Message ------

Received: Tue, 29 Aug 2006 03:32:13 PM EDT

From: "Lawry, Vicki" <Vicki.Lawry@maine.gov>

To: <mdperreault@usa.net>Cc: "Dunbar, Doug" <Doug.Dunbar@maine.gov>

Subject: FW: Converting an off-road motorcycle for on-road use

August 29, 2006

Dear Mark Perreault,

Motor Vehicle Statutes, Title-29A is one source for motor vehicle registration

information and I have listed many references below.

There is motorcycle information in the motor vehicle exam manual at



As for Inspections, please contact


If your converted motorcycle meets all the safety requirement for the State of

Maine and has an engine over 300 cc's it will need an assigned vin. This can be

obtained by contacting the title section at 207-624-9000 ext 52139. Once you

have an assigned VIN on your converted motorcycle you may then register it. You

may call the Motor Vehicle Registration Section at 624-6000 ext.

52149 for specific registration information.

I hope you find this information helpful.

Useful Statutory References

Definition: Title 29-A, Section 101, subsection 47-A Operation of:

Title 29-A, Section 2091

Driver License Requirements: Title 29-A, Section 1254 Safe Operation:

Title 29-A, Section 2062

Motorcycle Driver Education: Title 29-A, Section 1352 Instruction

Permits: Title 29-A, Section 1304

Equipment Standards: Title 29-A, Sections 1901-1925 Inspection: Title

29-A, Section 1751

§101 # 38. Motorcycle. "Motorcycle" means a motor vehicle that has a seat or a

saddle for the use of the rider and is designed to travel with not more than

3 wheels in ground contact. "Motorcycle" does not include a motorized bicycle or

tricycle, a tractor or a parking control vehicle.

§101 #39. Motor-driven cycle. "Motor-driven cycle" means a motorcycle,

including a motor scooter, with a motor that produces less than 150 cubic

centimeters displacement or that has 5 brake horsepower or less. "Motor-driven

cycle" does not include a motorized bicycle or tricycle or an electric personal

assistive mobility device.

§101 #41 Motorized bicycle or tricycle. "Motorized bicycle or tricycle" means a

bicycle or tricycle that:

A. May have pedals to permit human propulsion; and

B. Has a motor attached to a wheel that is rated at no more than 1.5

brake horsepower and has a cylinder

capacity capable of propelling the vehicle unassisted at a speed of

25 miles per hour or less on a level

road surface.

Motorized bicycle or tricycle" does not include an electric personal

assistive mobility device

§101 #41-B. Motorized scooter. "Motorized scooter" means a scooter that is

powered by a motor having a maximum piston displacement of less than 25 cubic

centimeters or an electric driven motor and is capable of a maximum speed of no

more than 25 miles per hour on a flat surface. "Motorized scooter" does not

include an electric personal assistive mobility device

§515. Motorcycles and parking control vehicles

The annual fee for registering:

1. Motorcycle. A motorcycle or a parking control vehicle is $21;

§1751. Motor vehicle inspection

1. Inspection required. Except as provided in this chapter or section 2307,

subsection 1, a motor vehicle required to be registered in this State must have

an annual inspection. A person may have a motor vehicle inspected more


2. Equipment subject to inspection. The following equipment is subject to

inspection: A. Body components;

B. Brakes;

C. Exhaust system;

D. Glazing;

E. Horn;

F. Lights and directional signals;

G. Rearview mirrors;

H. Reflectors;

I. Running gear;

J. Safety seat belts on 1966 and subsequent models;

K. Steering mechanism;

L. Tires;

M. Windshield wipers;

N. Catalytic converter on 1983 and subsequent models; and

O. Filler neck restriction on 1983 and subsequent models.

2-A. Enhanced inspection. Beginning January 1, 1999, a motor vehicle that is

required to be registered in Cumberland County and that is subject to inspection

pursuant to subsection 1 must have an annual enhanced inspection.

The following equipment is subject to inspection:

A. Equipment subject to inspection pursuant to subsection 2;

B. The fuel tank cap on 1974 and subsequent models of gasoline-powered vehicles;


C. The on-board diagnostic system on 1996 and subsequent models.

A motor vehicle that is not required to be registered in Cumberland County may

have an enhanced inspection under this subsection.

3. Inspection fee.

3-A. Inspection fees. An inspection station may charge the following fees:

A. For inspections performed under subsection 2, the fee may not be more than


B. For inspections of pre-1996 model vehicles performed under subsection 2-A,

the fee may not be more than $15.50; and

C. For inspections of 1996 and subsequent model vehicles performed under

subsection 2-A, the fee may not be more than $18.50.

The inspection fee is payable whether the vehicle passes inspection or not.

4. Implementation. The enhanced inspection required by subsection 2-A must be

implemented as follows.

A. The fuel tank cap is subject to inspection beginning January 1, 1999.

B. The on-board diagnostic system is subject to inspection beginning January 1,

2000. A motor vehicle may not fail inspection for failure to meet the inspection

standard for the on-board diagnostic system until January 1, 2001.

§2062. Motorcycles

1. Seating. Seating on a motorcycle is as follows.

A. A person operating a motorcycle may ride only on the permanent and regular

seat attached.

B. More than 2 persons may not ride on a motorcycle.

C. The number of passengers in a sidecar attached to a motorcycle may not exceed

the number of permanent seats for which the sidecar has been designed, to a

maximum of 2 persons.

D. A passenger may only ride on permanent seating with no more than one

passenger occupying each seat.

2. Headlight. When the motorcycle is on a public way, the motorcycle's

headlight must be on.

3. Handlebars. A person may not operate on a public way a motorcycle equipped

with handlebars whose handgrips are higher than the shoulder level of the


4. Lane use; motorcycles and mopeds. Lane use by motorcycles and mopeds is

restricted as follows.

A. An operator of a motorcycle other than a moped may fully use a lane.

B. More than 2 motorcycles may not be operated abreast within the same lane.

C. A motor vehicle may not be driven in such a manner as to deprive a motorcycle

of the full use of a lane.

D. A moped may be operated only in single file and as far as practicable to the

right side of the way at all times, except when making a left turn.

5. Passing. A motorcycle operator may not overtake or pass in the lane occupied

by the vehicle being overtaken, except for passing a bicycle. This subsection

does not apply to a law enforcement officer performing an officer's duties.

6. Between lines. A person may not operate a motorcycle between lanes of

traffic or between adjacent lines or rows of vehicles.

7. Raising wheel. A person may not intentionally or knowingly raise the front

wheel of a motorcycle off the surface

when operating it on a public way or any place where public traffic may

reasonably be anticipated.

For the purpose of this section, "motorcycle" includes "motor-driven cycle."

Vicki Lawry, Secretary

Registration & Title Sections

Division of Vehicle Services

(207) 624-9193

Sorry if this is too long. :thumbsup:

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If you have the MSO from the dealer and fill out a title application available at the BMV fill it out send it in and you'll get it in about 10 days if you pay a little extra to put a rush on it. It helps to have a dealer willing to he;p out also because they need to sign the title app. If you bought it used than it sounds more complicated. I titled my 6 year old DRZ easy this way than got an Maine state inspection sticker after the bike was registered. What they told you is the same as getting a vehicle a reassigned VIN #.

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