XR600 tank problems

Hey all,

I've got a 1995 XR600. I bought a stubby fuel vent hose for it, but something was wrong with the hose and it wasn't allowing any fumes to escape the tank. I realized this when the seam on the left side of the tank, a couple inches above the fuel valve was cracked. I put the stock hose back on, hoping this would fix the problem. It did until today.

After riding today, and parking the bike, the hose was pinched shut when the handlebars were turned all the way left. I didn't realize this, of course, until the already weakened seam burst, dumping all my fuel onto the garage floor.

My question is this....

Will I need to buy a new tank, or can this be repaired?

I was considering a bigger tank, but at this point in time, I can't afford one (in the middle of a move) but I need the bike.


No, you can't fix a plastic tank and have it remain reliable. I will do you a favor though. I have a 5 gallon plastic Acerbis tank that I painted black that needs to have the stickers and paint stripped off. If you want it you can have it until you can afford it as long as it doesn't take months to pay for it. I'll sell it for $100.00 less petcock and mounts which you need off of your stock tank. Ill let you have it now if you can pay me within a couple months....sound good? This is providing you live in the US....do you? WAIT!! I see you also live in New MExico, so do I, are you moving out of NM?

my email


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