YZ450F push/pull throttle questions

I've got a question for you Yamaha 2-wheel guys. It is about my quad. Before you run off, let me explain why I posted here. I have recently converted my YFZ450 quad to a throttle system off a 2004 YZ450f. It's on and works great. Here is where I need help. I'm use to a single cable 2-stroke system and have never worked with a push/pull till now. When the throttle is closed, it is not resting up against a "stop" in the twist housing like I'm use to in a single cable system. It only stops in the "push" direction because the throttle is closed. Is this "normal"? I'm not sure if that was very clear. I guess what I'm afraid of is wearing out the cable or someone trying to "push" the throttle to the point it breaks the cable or the throttle tube where the cable attached.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

P.S. oh, I almost forgot. What is the hole at the bottom of the housing for? Is it a drain or something? I want to find something to plug it up.

You have it basically figured out. There are two cables, an opener, and a closer, and no physical stop in the throttle reel housing. The twist grip "stops" against the closing cable only. I have seen closing cables fail, but very rarely, and I don't think it is something you should devote an excessive amount of worry to. The setup requires only the normal maintenance and inspection you would give to any other cable system.

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