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jetting problems - crf450x

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hello, i just installed the JD kit, i used a 170 main jet, and the red marked needle in the 4th position. I cut the top opening of the airbox, and did the smog removal, but no exhaust mod yet. I did not do the O-ring mod. I forget to adjust the fuel mixture screw. I started the bike and adjusted the idle. During the beginning of the ride, the bike started to idle very high. It made it difficult to ride. I then adjusted the fuel screw to the spec of 1 1/8 from the seated position. It didn't help much, so i went out to 1 1/2 and then adjusted the idle again. The bike idled great with no problems. Though i noticed when i stopped riding for about 10 minutes, the bike would not idle again, until it warmed up during the ride. On a ride later, the problem started again, with a high idle. I could actually coast the bike at a slow speed with no throttle given. Some advise would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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