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Quick Front Fork Question

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I was reading the manual for my 2006 KX250F in preparation for making some clicker changes.

Here is what I have discovered. Either I am confused, or the manual SUCKS!!! So, my question:

The top clicker just below the bars is for...???? Compression right? It even says COMP right there.

And of course the one on the bottom of the fork is reboung right? At least that is what I have learned from my reading.

BUT, the stupid manual is VERY confusing. If anyone has it, look at the first two pages in Suspension section...it starts out with "Air Pressure". Anyway, the very next page starts with "Compression Damping Adjustment" (page 13-10). There is a picture denoted with an "A", and the bullet points proceed to tell you how to adjust compression damping...but its saying to do this from the clickers on the BOTTOM of the fork.

I thought compression was on TOP. I have read numerous aftermarket suspension websites...for example, tootechracing.com, Factory Connection and others...and they show the compression adjustment on TOP.

What is the deal with the service manual and those directions? And for that matter, can someone tell me once and for all, which is which on the forks with regard to compression and rebound adjustments? Thanks so much and sorry for the noob question...but conflicting info can turn you into a noob really fast.


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