The after market digital speedometers, a ?

I'm just curious as to how legible they are at night? What color do they light up or don't they have a color to them and are just boring black and white illuminated? Can you actually adjust the brightness like on a car?

Anyone have a nighttime shot of one?

I use the Service Honda speedo (Electrosport/Acewell). It is backit with dark characters. I have no pic of it, but it's easy to read day or night. I'm sure the newest Trailtech would be as easy to read.

I have the Trailtech Endurance, has a backlight but you have to push a button. It is fairly dim but you can read it fine at night. I am selling it and buying the new TT Vapor, it has a better readout, as in less busy, and better looking. Also has a backlight that stays on all the time, as it hooks up to power from the motorcycle. Plus the backlight is WAYYYY brighter which I personally like. Vapor also has a tach as well as speedo ans tripmeter and a thousqand things more,,,check it out here.

I reckon with cost v fucntions that surely gps is now getting to be a viable option?

I mean you get all the speedo fucntions with mapping on some units.

They're gettig more friendly all the time now

vapor is only 100 bucks, what god GPS is that cheap? I want one if so!!!


If you can spend out thirty dollars more the Garmin Etrex Legend has mapping in a small compact unit. If you buy the Ram mount for it, heat the two retaining tabs at the top of the mount so that it does not vibrate as much in the cradle. The vibration is what people were having trouble with on this unit. I hope that helps. Have fun, Tony

SWEET! Ill check it out for my desertsled...thanks allot! thats affordable.

That Etrex is a cool little unit, I didn;t see where it has a backlight but I assume it does?! How bright is it and can it stay on more than the typical 30 seconds?


Yes it has a backlight. It can stay on for varying times that you choose or always on. If always on you should hook it up through an adapter to twelve volts to save batteries. Most people use the power adapter because when using the batteries with the vibration it would cause arcing which is not good for the unit. Power adapters are cheap on Ebay. I hope you get a good one. They make exploring fun. Have fun, Tony

Ill definitly get one, and leave my endurance on too as it does some stuff the GPS doesn't. But a GPS is a great idea on any bike especially the desert sled wehn I finish it. Thanks again! Ill buy one next week!

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