Hand Guards

I've been running the Tusk model bark busters on my 650r, but with the addition of the Baja kit, it has become nearly impossible to get them to mount up without hitting cables or other components on the bars. It was always tight but I have been able to work something out. I need some gaurds that have an offsetting clamp mount to avoid contact yet allow the gaurds to mount in the correect location. Does anyone have any options in mind?

EGO Bark Busters!

They are superb

Im not sure if they are available for your gaurds but allot of guys are going to those bar clamp adaptors for their barkbusters/acerbis ralley pros and such. They allow you to mount the part that usually mounts to the bars (not the ends whihc still go into the bar end) to the top bar mounts on the top of the top clamp....they also keep the gaurds from spinning on the bars when you bail hard as well. If interested I can email my buddy who got them and get info for ya.

I'll take any details you can give.

Ill emaiul him and ask him what he did. I saw them and they are really cool, all billett looking and strong!

$120 withOUT the guards! I'd hope their sweet!

I have the BD/DSK and have installed the acerbis busters on my stock xrr bars. They clear everything fine and have got to be the strongest part of the bike now.

or try BikeBonz for more barmount/guard mount combination parts also. about $70

or try Cycra Racing Plastics they make some handguard adapters to mount to the bars or the triples, about $50.

Yeah, he's a KTM Adv 950 owner so he has allot of disposable income, the Cycra adaptors are very good and way cheaper.

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