YZ Tank, seat combo

I'm kicking around putting the hurricane plastice on my '06 WR450. YZ plastics, probably a clarke 3.1 gal tank. Will I need to get a stock yz450 seat to make it fit? I'm assuming the stock WR seat will not fit. :thumbsup:

Oh well, guess I can call the seat & tank dealers....maybe yamaha too. :thumbsup:

Hi RRob13, I have an '06 WR450 & just fitted the Clarke black tank Clarke Code No 1442 & they told me I needed the SDG YZ seat to suit their tank. Paid the money & freighted both to Australia only to find the seat wouldn't fit. The standard WR seat fits their tank & the YZ don't fit the '06 WR as the underneath of the WR seat is scalloped out to suit the battery & electrics that the YZ doesn't have. I did take the SDG Gripper seat cover & foam off the YZ seat & fit that to my WR seat base so not a complete waste.

Get the Acerbis 3.4 and be done with it. You get two petcocks, a tank that is known to fit without clearance issues and you can use your stock seat. End of problem...SC

Thanks to both of you. BTW, will the YZ shrouds that come with the Hurricane Kit fit both of these tanks?

Thanks again.


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