2006 Steering problems please help

I just picked up my brand new 06 450 and am greasing all the bearings and after greasing the steering bearings I was tightening that funcky bolt that goes over the top bearing and cover. The one that you need that special tool to use. I just used a one sided 45 degree punch to tighten it but I'm not sure how much I should tighten it? Any one have any good ideas? Thanks

On page 5-52 of your manual, it says to tighten the ring nut to 5.1 ft/lbs. (roughly, 1/8-1/6 turn past the point where the bearings are fully seated) Then slide the forks in the lower clamp and temporarily tighten the pinch bolts. Set the top clamp in place with the pinch bolts loose, and tighten the top nut to 105 foot pounds.

Me and my Dad just tightened her up nice and good, then went back about one good notch. We also used a punch.

Min should have no play and bars fall to one side or the other on stand. I run mine a little tight. I like the friction and it doesn't seem to wear the headset bearings. Also, remember that it will get a little tighter when you torque the lats nut on top of the triple clamp.

It's best to use a torque wrench if you can, it takes the guess work out. You can do it without one though. Tighten the lower nut until you feel almost no drag on the bearings, then tighten the top nut and see how it feels. Once you tighten the top one, it will preload the bearing. It might take a few tries until it feels right.

After all is said and done it should take about 4-5 lbs. of force to turn the handle bars while on the stand. If the fron end turns to one side or another by itself it is to loose. I have heard of guys using a fish scale and fishing line to check the tension amount needed to turn the bars. I also us a punch to tighten mine.

I also use a punch to tighten mine. I also use the method of tightening until the bearings are seated, then with the front wheel on, you grab the bottom of the forks and pull back and fourth. The front end has to be straight when doing this. Just tighten from there until there is no play in the bearings. Same thing as a bmx fork. Easy way if you dont have the proper tools.

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