YZ 426 Spewing Gas from Carb

01- YZ426

In the last few months the carburator will spew gas out of the overflow hose? after you kick on it a few times and/or after you have ridden for a while and stop to rest. It will even do it if the engine is on while stopped in low rpm. Any suggestions.

The float is probably stuck, or there is some dirt or junk in the little needle valve assembly that the float opens and closes. I would take the carb off and pull the pin that the float pivits on, then blow out the place where the needle travels up and down with some compressed air.

Thanks for the reply. I tried and even replaced the needle valve set.

There is a rubber o ring inside the carb that will wear out and leak gas. The deterioration of the o ring is much faster with race gas. Replace the o ring and you should be ok. Happened to me a couple of weeks ago.

You will also want to check the float height while you are in there. Hope this helps.


Thanks guys. Did the float height last night. Where is the O-Ring you are talking about????

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