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Run it by Burned

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I got a FCR off ebay. It came off a 2002 YZ 426 & I'm putting it on my 2000 DRZ 400S. I've opened up the air box, changed to a FMF high flow header.

I was pointed a sticky: FRC conversion the burned way.

Sudco is telling me my carb. is a 21 Series because my pilot jet is 3 cm. long. Do I still use the same jets and needle as in the MX? What size starter jet do you recommend?

Is it OK to use a 38 pilot jet and a pilot air screw (5/8 turn)?

I got a Zip Ty fuel mixture screw from the TT store. How many turns do you recommend?

I'm running the bike at about 1665 Ft.

Thank you

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