Used YZ/YZF question?

I am considering buying a used bike and would like to go the 4 stroke route this time and being a lifelong Yamaha fan I would like to buy a Yamaha.I am cosidering something like a YZ or a WR.Are there any years or engine sizes to avoid.I am leaning towards a 400 +.Is the 426 a good bike?

Dont get a 2004 honda crf 250 becuse of valve problems but most yamaha's are ok. the 450f is a really nice bike :thumbsup:

The 426 is an awesome bike. Very reliable, has good power, but it is a bit heavy...

the 426 is awsome I have one bought it used and it has run like a champ starts first kick but then again so does my dads 76 DT400 and it is still on its stock top end so that just goes to show you how good a yammerhammer is

The 400 and 426 are great motors but i think the best advice is to look for a bike that appears to have the least amount of hours and comes stock. Sure it's great to get a bike that has tons of aftermarket parts on it but to me that usually means lots of hours. Engine rebuilds on a 4 stroke can become very expensive, way more than any two stroke. Buying any used bike you are obviously rolling the dice to a certain point. It is not uncommon to find guys who are selling their bikes with the original tires on them, meaning very low hours, at least in colorado. Good luck!!

I agree get a low hours stock bike. Aftermarket parts is a sure sign they've been ridden hard. Also do a little research on the chain slider and the fix. Read about it here It's not a HUGE problem (mines fine and it's got the stock slider) but you wouldn't want to buy a bike with a cracked swingarm and it's really easy to check. I just bought a '99 YZ 400 and love it.

My bike had a bunch of aftermarket, and I could tell its been ridden hard for many hours. The guy did take very good care of it, and it still starts on 1st kick, and has perfect jetting.

My 02 YZ426 has always been a pleasure to own and ride. Never had a single problem with it. Just a great do-it-all bike that keeps on ticking.

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