After my 2004 battery suffered a slow death I decided it was time to invest in a new battery (OEM Honda same specs) which I did last week. After staring for a couple of times and a few hours I noticed the battery got weak, like the old one. Yet after a couple of ours more the bike started to foulter and would only run idle (the red ignition button light started flickering in sync with the RPM). What is happeining to my bike? I put in a fresh battery from a friend of mine which solved the problem, but noticed that when I disconnect the + cable of the battery the bike stops. I do not think the new battery is the problem as I charged it with a battery charger and it loads normally. I also verified any problems (of short circuit). My bike is equipped with a VORTEX ignition but also do not suspect that one since the bike (with loaded battery runs 100%). What is the problem? The voltage regulator ? The stator? How can I test?

Can you try the stock ignition for a while?

Check the charging voltage to be 14 volts DC at 5,000 rpm across the red and black leads.

Check charging coil resistance to be 0.29 to 0.43 ohms across the white lead and ground.

Check for dirt or rust in the electrical connections under the gas tank.

Time for a new stator if you cant pass the tests. :thumbsup:

Sounds like a good starting method. I already checked for corrosion but that ´s not the problem. If it passes the Volts and Ohms test Indy, does that imply that the Volt regulator is broken? I will do the test later this week

Is it normal for the bike to stall if I disconnect the battery?

If so, how do those guys do that remove the e-start (short circuit the Battery wires, after the battery has been removed?)

Tks for your always useful reply


If it passes the ohms test but not the voltage test you will most likely need a new voltage rectifier/regulator part# 5TJ-81980-00-00. :thumbsup:

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