Need Help Radiator Problem


Need help!!!!!

I had a little accident and the radiator got damaged and it's leaking from the right and the left, on the left is very tinny hole that sprays coolant and there is pressure and on the right is mostly where all the impact was but it only bent a little bit on the bottom, so I was wondering if this problems could be fix by welding the aluminum or will I have to replace the radiator on both sides?

Now if I need to replace them where would be the best place to get the radiators from, somewhere on line that is not to expensive!!!!!

Help me out please!!!!

Thanks a lot.....

California? I just sent my left one the Fontana Radiator. Great job, only $65. 909-822-8737

Mylers Radiator. Google 'em.

ANY decent radiator repair shop (i.e. one local to you) should be able to fix it very cheaply. Look in your yellow pages, & ring one up. Make sure they've worked with M/C radiators before & that whoever actually does the work can speak intelligently about testing & repairing it. I'm sure all the places people mention on here are great, but if your local shop isn't run by a bunch of half-wits, you should be able to save yourself the shipping costs.

On the other hand, if they sound like a bunch of idiots when you speak to them, then you're probably better off shipping them to a reputable shop, where you know what kind of results you can expect.

Mylers Radiator. Google 'em.

Ditto, it will come back looking brand new :ride:

If for some reason it can't be fixed, do not by OEM replacement. Get yourself a set of Fluidynes right here from the TT Store :thumbsup:

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