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Need Help Radiator Problem

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2006 Wr450f

Need help!!!!!

I had a little accident and the radiator got damaged and it's leaking from the right and the left, on the left is very tinny hole that sprays coolant and there is pressure and on the right is mostly where all the impact was but it only bent a little bit on the bottom, so I was wondering if this problems could be fix by welding the aluminum or will I have to replace the radiator on both sides?

Now if I need to replace them where would be the best place to get the radiators from, somewhere on line that is not to expensive!!!!!

Help me out please!!!!

Thanks a lot.....

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any radiator shop should be able to sotter them, but you should be able to do it as well. just be sure that nothing that is bent will restrict water flow. other wise fluidyne radiators are a good choice. most everyone will eventually end up with them!! they are much stronger. and the factory ones are cheaply made.

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i dont think its a good idea to put a chemical in your radiator to stop a leak

remember if its spraying out it needs to be plugged

im in seattle area in washington

and i had similiar accident

came around a corner in 4th gear haullin but ( cause that one guy passed lol)

and all i saw was a quad so it was eat the dirt or eat some bone crunching metal!

i ate the dirt

i would have been just fine but my 14 year old daughter was so far up my behind (not with a rubber glove on her hand BUT Close)

she ran me over and jumped into the bushes off the trail to keep from hitting the quad

and thats what did my radiator in!

i took it to the local radiator shop and they had it fixed in 4 hours!

and they dip there radiators and cleen them before they work on them and it has worked fine since!

i think it costed me 130 bucks for my repair

just remeber its worthit

call around the local radiator shops and let them know what you have and what its doing

and remeber !!!!!!!!! get a quote! you may have to take the radiators to them for the estimate but its worth the time and effort

and if you decide to get new radiators still get these fixed right

you will have spares and you wont have to wait as long to go riding!!!!

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