Exhaust compromises

I've had a gytr insert in my stock '01 wr426 muffler since I've had the bike. It fell out this weekend and I forgot what a difference it makes. I really enjoyed the extra power increase and the sound but I know it's way too loud. I don't want to be annoying with loud exhaust but I would like something that sounds a little better and has a little better performance then what I'm getting with that insert. Should I try out a PMB insert or has anyone modified their gytr one? I wonder what would happen if I cut back some length on the tubes?

I would imagine I would probably be the most satisfied with a new muffler but I can't spend the cash at the moment.


I think Quietproducts (www.quietiscool.com) already has your solution. I've seen several people talk about their oversize insert.

I have the 02 wr426 with the gytr insert. Not satisfied with the performance, I knocked the three tubes out of the aluminum end, then got a piece of thin wall stainless pipe that fit the into the aluminum piece (very tight fit even with heating the aluminum and freezing the stainless). Then I cut it to the length of the middle of the three tubes on the original piece. It is still quiet, but performance picked up a little and it doesn't seem to get so hot at the muffler.

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