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Spring rate calculators. Know a good one that works?

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I'm having trouble finding a spring rate calculator that works for me and in metric. I seem to come up with gobley gook results on every one I use. I have formulas but I can't get them to work for me either. Maths was never my strong suit, but if I can get one to work once, I'll practice with it until I fully understand it for future use. :ride:

Does anyone know of a spring rate calculator that has actually worked for them? Most require an added process of converting metric to old world measurements which I'm not that familiar with, but even with using an online converter to do this I still end up with results that don't jive! :thumbsup:

I have a spring here with the following numbers that I need to confirm the rate on. If you can find a calculator that gives the rate of this spring, please let me know so I can go through the exercise and learn how to calculate my spring rates.

Spring length 266mm

Wire dia 11.34mm

Spring dia 88mm or 76mm mean dia

6.25 active coils

Thanks for any help.

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