WR450 & Water

I have an 04 WR450, European model.

Every time I go through water the engine cuts out afterwards, but restarts again almost straight away.

I have read somewhere before, that it could be something to do with a breather on the carb, but cannot find anything on it now.

Anybody got the answer ??

Yeah mate. Re route a couple of your carb breathers up into the airbox, that'll sort you out :thumbsup:

:applause: I just bought my Wr450 a couple months ago as well. I noticed the same thing, with the stalling when going through wateer holes. what is happening is that you have 4 or 5 hose breathers coming off your carb, and they are all running down to the bottom of your bike. When you go through the water these hoses get plugged and creates a vaccum in the carb. Something like that anyway!! :thumbsup: Take a look, you'll see the hoses under your bike. I traced them up and took the two hoses coming off vertically and re-rputed towards my radiator. It worked great. No more Stalling. Give it a try and see what happens :ride:

I had the same problem with my 03 and installed some tee's on two of the carb hoses and the big engine breather hose. Instead of drilling holes in my air box, I routed the upper hoses from the tee's to just behind the tank, under the seat, and wrapped the ends with a piece of foam. Works great.

Can't remember which of the two carb hoses cause the water problem. The search engine will help with that.

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