Anyone With a Factory Service Manual??

I have an 02 WR426 and have a question regarding the gray wire mod. When I bought the bike, I did this mod and have had no real complaints but did not notice great gains either. However, I deviated from the standard a little. On my electrical diagram in my owners manual I show one gray wire but it is not in the 6 pin connector, it is in a 2 pin connector with a black wire. I just unplugged this connector to do the mod and taped it up to keep it clean and dry. My question is this, if I can explain it. Starting at the ground for the Ignition Coil I show a black wire connected through a junction point to the Black wire in the two pin connector and then black wire to the CDI. From the CDI I show a gray wire to the two pin connector and then gray wire up to a junction point on the black wire from the ignition coil ground again right next to the black/black junction I mentioned earlier. This wire does not change color according to the drawing before it goes into the 6 wire connector but the pin out of this connector does not show black or gray in it. It does show a black and blue wire but not a solid black or gray. The drawing also shows that the two junction points are electrically connected (I am not sure that this is correct, but being a ground it could be). Can anyone confirm this and let me know if I need to go back and re-connect the black wire in the two pin connector? Thanks,


I have the same bike and the shop manual. You are correct, on the 02 wr426 it is a two pin connector, one black and one gray. IMO you should only disconnect the gray wire (at the two pin) and leave the black connected (it appears to feed ground back to the CDI unit). :ride:

If you want to disconnet a wire at a six pin do the sky blue wire :thumbsup:

I have already done the sky blue wire. To my knowledge, I have completed all of the free mods on this bike and I am very happy with it's performance. I thought the same thing about the black wire after I got to looking at the drawings, I will reconnect it the next time I get in there. It has been running this way for almost 3 years now with no problems, but I would feel better with all of the grounds in place. Thanks,


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