'01 WR 426f Jetting

I just installed a DSP Stainless exhaust system (header pipe, mid pipe and exhaust) on my bike. When I called DSP to get the jetting specs they recommend, they weren't very helpful because they get more inquiries for the YZ and haven't dealt with the WR as much.

So I was wondering if anyone who has the same pipe could lead me in the right direction.

I am currently running stock jeting with the top of the airbox removed as well as the throttle stop and I ride at sea level. Let me know....

I am running the same pipe on mine and am using a 172. I have also removed the airbox lid. I ride mainly in the Las Vegas area so I'm a couple thousand feet higher than sea level.

Well, first how does it run with stock jetting? There is SOOOO much more to be gained by simply changing the needle & jets WITHOUT a pipe. You might not notice a whole hell of a lot unless you get an richer needle in there. It's just not going to get the fuel with that fat stock needle regardless of what main you put in.

What year WR?

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