BD DSK horn probs.

Okay so this one's being a bit nit picky but I can't stand not having things work properly. The horn that came with my BD DSK is not working. I'm getting juice from the switch to the horn. When the horn button is pressed all I get is a light tick from the horn that I can only percieve with the bike off. Can the horn be dissassembled & cleaned? I noticed what appears to be some sort of set or adjustment screw at the edge of the horn. Is there an adjustment to be made? Do these things get dirty & need a cleaning? Can they be dissassembled? Haven't made much effort to even take it off the bike yet. I haven't had the need for it but don't want to get pulled over & not have it work if it's scrutinized.


Since you helped me out before here goes my help back at you. The adjustment screw on most of the what I call button horns are in the middle of the screw assembly that mounts to the mounting arm. Look at the back of the horn where it mounts to the arm. You will see a nut and a screw. You can every so slightly adjust the output of the horn while trying to tighten the nut. I usually just buy a new horn after it has conked out on me. I am currently using the JCWhitney 135 db horn. If I remember correctly it wasn't that much. It is a little bigger but it still can fit behind the BD headlight assembly. It is a LOT louder for your safety. Here is a link that might get you started on a new horn:

Have fun, Tony

Thouk, thanks for the info. That horn looks like it will work fine.

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