Swapping tanks to yz400, what fits??

How can I easily find out what will fit my 99 YZ400F? I'm trying to find an oversized fuel tank on ebay and it's hard to be certain what's compatible. One tank list that it will fit 01-02 YZ 250f,YZ 400 98-99,YZ 426 2000-2002 and if that's right then the other tank listed for an 04 250f probably won't fit I guess. Is there an easy way to find out for sure. I guess the WR tanks don't fit on a YZ at all, right?


I'm also curious. I've just recently obtained an 02 426 and am looking for a bigger tank.....anybody?

i think all the models listed above are the same. dont quote me. my service manual covers ever 400-426 model both YZ and WR.ask your dealer if they dont know call them a name and call around to other dealers

Well, I just scored a 'used once' IMS 3.2 gal tank that is supposed to fit. I'll be doing a test fit tonight when I get home to make sure. First thing I noticed was due to the shape/size of the tank, there is no frame mount for the right side. The tank comes all the way forward past the factory mount so it will hold more. It has the frame mount on the left side plus it hooks to the radiator through the shroud like the original. Seems kind of weird but I'll check it out later like I said.

The IMS 3.2 gal tank fits YZ and WR400F 1998-1999 (and probably more). WR owners need switch to a YZ-style seat. Shrouds bolt right on. It has two petcocks, but comes with all you need to do the plumbing.

Mine is only set up for 1 petcock and I'll have to transfer that from my stock tank along with all the other hardware for securing the tank to the bike.

Mine has two petcocks because it wraps way down over the engine and fuel cannot get from one side to the other unless you would lean the bike way over (or have a petcock on both sides). This may mean it is actually larger than 3.2 gals and I just forgot. Aside from the provided 2nd petcock, all the other hardware came over from the OEM tank and it too only uses one mount.

Well, it fits pretty good. I'm surprised at the way it sits on the bike. Most of these I've seen in the past have a molded area on the right side where the kickstarter folds into. Mine doesn't hang that low and the kickstarter actually goes under the tank. Guess thats why I only need 1 petcock. I was pleased that it didn't change the slope of the seat at all. Now I've just got to route my fuel line all the way from the right side.

Just an update on this IMS tank, I don't know if this is common or not but when I put the petcock on, this tank leaked like a sieve. Not a drip but gas was flowing around the base of the petcock. I took the petcock off and examined the surface and found that it was not a very good flat surface. Had to do lots of block sanding on it starting with 60 grit and working down to 400 to get a flat surface. It's been holding fuel with no leaks since late last night now but what a pain in the *#(.. I'll still have to take it off again to finish flushing it out now that it's filled with sanding debris so I've got some more work to do.

I did some more looking at this tank and found that it will actually hold more fuel on the right side by about nearly a 1/2 gallon. The tank is still fairly narrow so I don't think it will have any effect on my riding. I've also found the reason there's only one petcock which is mounted on the right. The bottom of the left side is only about 1/2 as thick as the right side so there just isn't room to put a petcock on the left but neither side hangs lower than the other so there shouldn't be any problem getting all the fuel to the petcock.

I recently put an IMS tank on my Husqvarna SMR510. The instructions called for the petcock to be transferred with the stock O-ring (and this worked fine). However IMS also provided a much larger rubber gasket to use in the case of a leak. I wonder if your tank should have come with this gasket, too?

i have a yzf 400, which started life as a wr 400. i switch between tanks all the time....they both fit...!

The original owner may have used the gasket with his bike. He said he only used the tank once and then it's been sitting around in his garage for a year so it could have been lost. The extra thick gasket would explain how he was able to use it at all without it leaking like it did for me. I got it on Craig's List, he might also have been just dumping it on me if he couldn't get it to stop leaking himself. I'm pretty happy at this point anyhow.

i have a 99yz400 and i swapped my yz tank for a 2000 wr tank, you will have to get the WR seat as well though your yz tank will not work with a WR tank.........but the wr seat/tank combo will fit perfect on your yz400 no need to spend alot on the aftermarket tanks, you could probably find a WR tank/seat cheap on ebay ...I did i think i got the tank for like 35 bucks and seat for like 25 bucks with a gripper cover on it........

the wr petcock is different then the yz tank petcock due to having a reserve so if the wr tank does not come with the petcock you will need to get one........the mounts are the same though as the ys tank and the cap

Tanks from 99 thru 02 are the same for all WR's. I'm not sure about other years. Same is true for YZ's. The thing to remember is that if you use a WR tank, you have to use a WR seat, and if you use a YZ tank you have to use a YZ seat. Either seat/tank combo will mount on either bike. The WR seat is rather flat on top and quite a bit lower than a YZ seat. Additionally, the YZ seat is a bit taller and longer in front, letting the rider get more weight to the front of the bike. Hope this helps you out.

I have several WR seats and tanks that I would like to sell if you need one.

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