Considering suspension work on '03 YZ450F

I am considering getting the suspension on my '03 revalve by a local shop. I just sprung a fork seal leak and I figure it would probably be a good time to get the revalve. My only problem is cost. The shop will only charge $400 (I only weigh 160 so stock springs work). My dad will pay for half of it but I dont have a job so scraping together $200 will take a good bit of doing. For all of you that have had suspension work done on your '03, was it worth it? I currently ride 80% track 20% woods.

From everything I hear....Yes, it should be worth it. Experienced rider's on this forum all say the same thing regarding 450's. Put the money into the suspension rather than the engine. One thing at 160 pounds, you may be just a tad too light for stock springs, and may require the next lighter set; but check that out with the people doing the work.

Yes, suspension revalve is definitely worth it. If I could only do one thing to improve a bike, I would revalve the suspension. Stock suspension is very generic because it is developed for a very wide variety of riders (light, heavy, fast, slow). Revalved suspension is personally tuned for the rider and the type of riding he or she does.

I have a YZ450F 2003.

I ride tracks for the most part.

The forks will bottom on me on a big jump.

My front fork seals started leaking so I just bougt the parts

to fix it.

Is the only fix revalving or can I harding the shocks

with the adjustment ???

To keep from bottoming my forks...


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