Fixing crack in case..

Has anybody used JB Weld to fix a crack in a case? Or should I go through the trouble and $$ to get it Tig welded.

This is for my son's CRF 70 and not my 426, but you guys are smart..

Thanks in advance..


Where is the crack? Tdub

My right case got a crack in it where it bolts to the frame and i dished out the cash to get it welded, nothing like piece of mind knowing its done right.

The crack is right at the bottom of the exposed case - about 2.5 inches long. It is not near any plugs, mounting brackets, or bolts.

Did some investigation and will try the JB Weld as it is supposed to work for this kind of thing. I'll clean it well, and maybe grind out a small "V" or channel on the crack to ensure the material has a place to bond.

Since it is my kid's bike, and he already has moved up so this is a spare pit bike, I will go the cheap route first.



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