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Ruptured Tendon in Hand

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Ten weeks ago I ruptured a tendon in my left hand running between my index and middle fingers up by the knuckle. I fell while running and rolled over my hand crushing my fingers under, not back.

After the major swelling went down, about 3 weeks, I went to the chiro to see if I had dislocated my finger. I still had a good sized knot between my knuckles. X-rays didn't show a break and I didn't dislocate them. Chiro didn't know what to think. I thought I would wait and see how quickly it could heal on it's own. Since it hadn't gotten any better since I saw the Chiro, I went to an Orthopod. One look and he said it was a ruptured tendon. Said no surgery, just LOTS of time to heal.

I didn't think to ask any questions while I was there. Are there any exercises I should be doing to help this heal? It seems to swell up if I use it but I have better range of motion. The swelling goes down if I don't use it but it feels stiff.

Anyone have any experience with this type of injury?



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